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Things you didn’t know about the band Queen

The rock band legend, Queen, was formed in 1970 in England, and within a span of 10 years, had managed to take over the world with their fresh take on rock music. Here are a few interesting things you probably did not about the band.guitar

Not all the artists in the band are high school and college dropouts. Generally, conceptions about rock bands and rock stars are the underlying assumption that all individuals are dropouts and have dedicated their whole life towards it. However, that is not the case in Queen. Except for lead singer, Freddie Mercury, rest of the band members were educated individuals, each having a post-graduate degree.

Did you know that the flamboyant name, Freddie Mercury was not his first name? Freddie Mercury was born and named Farrokh Bulsara initially. It was with time and fascination towards rock music that he later changed his name to suit his rock lifestyle.

It was none other than Freddie Mercury who named the all-male rock band, Queen. Freddie deliberately named the group Queen as he realized it would raise eyebrows and make news, mainly associating the band with homosexuality.

One of their all-time favorite songs, ” I want it all” was for a fact inspired the spouse of Brian May. He exclaimed he was sparked by the idea behind the song when his wife said the phrase, “I want it all.”

The first ever stand free microphone prop was invented accidentally by Freddie Mercury. In one of their earliest stage shows, Freddie couldn’t sing with his heart when the microphone was rigid and attached; eventually, he ended breaking the receiver from the stand, instead of losing it, he continued to sing with the stub and microphone in hand.


Queen’s renowned bassist, John Deacon is much more than a skilled bassist. It is for the fact that John Deacon is a qualified and professional electronics engineer. Moreover, the majority of the equipment that the band uses is made by him.

Queen’s global hit, “another one bites the dust” was not meant to be released. In fact, it was none other than the King of pop, Michael Jackson who convinced the band to release the song, after hearing the band playing it behind stage in one of their shows in America. The song had later sold over 7 million copies worldwide and took the world by storm.